The Company

The story of ‘Papandreou Patisserie’ begins in the year 1962 in a small manufacture unit at Vogatsiko, Kastoria, the birth place of the founder of the company, Pantelis Papandreou. In the 50 years that followed the family’s second generation, Pantelis’ two sons- Konstantinos and Haralampos- continue the tradition in a contemporary environment of creativity and inspiration guided by the spirit of the past and the needs and desires of the company’s current customers.
The company operates in retail, wholesale as well as in the supply of party and recreation facilities and of a few selected venues.
Having as a competitive advantage its central high-tech manufacture unit, the company manages to successfully cover the needs of any kind of event (party, openings, wedding receptions, baptism) while offering a highly rich equipment.

Providing the opportunity of delivery to any place either in Greece or abroad the company offers the chance to anyone for a treat to its home-made flavors.